Worlds Better

Step by step

Step 1

Start thinking about what life might be like in 10 years time. 

How should buildings or outdoor spaces be built? What should happen there? What will people really need and want? Who will use these buildings or outdoor spaces (this can be any animals, plants, or humans of any age from anywhere in the world)? How can these buildings and outdoor spaces help to make the world a better place? 

Step 2

Give your building or outdoor space a name. Write this down on an A4 piece of paper along with a sentence that tells us what it’s for and what it does.

Step 3

Whatever building or outdoor space you make, the bottom of your model must fit on an A4 piece of paper. The building or outdoor space can go up and out as much you imagine but the bottom must fit on an A4 piece of paper. There doesn’t need to be a building there at all if that’s what you’ve imagined. 

Step 4

On another A4 piece of paper start to draw what you think your building or outdoor space is like. You can use any type of pen or pencil you like for this. And also colour it in too if you like. This will help you to work out what you should build. 

Step 5

Start to collect your materials to make your building or outdoor space.

Step 6

Get your third piece of A4 paper. This will be the base for your building or outdoor space. 

Step 7

Start to fit your materials together to make your building or outdoor space. This might take some time and you might need someone else to help you hold things in place. You might need glue, Sellotape, pins or string for this part.

Step 8

When you’ve finished, put the name of your building along with its short description next to your finished model. Take a photo and give yourself a pat on the back! 

Assemble is a multi-disciplinary collective working across architecture, design and art.

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