Views of the city

In this drawing exercise, we will be using rulers made from coloured card or cardboard to make a layout of different viewpoints of the city. The rulers will guide you to make a Plan, Elevation and Perspective view. Using colouring pencils, pens, and paint you can personalise the atmosphere around the views of your City Drawing.

Step by step

Step 1: Make Your own Architecture Rulers

There are three rulers we will be making first. These rulers will help you make architectural drawings, with a Plan, Elevation and Perspective. 

Ruler (A)15cm x 3cm 

Ruler (B) 10cm x 10cm x 14cm

Ruler (C) 13cm x 15cm x 7.5cm

Step 2: Organic Shaped Rulers

These organic shapes will be used as guides and rulers in your drawings of the City. You can make these shapes using magazines, cardboard and other recycled material you find in your house.

Step 3: Base of Plan View

Using Ruler (A) begin layout of your Plan View. Draw the ground line that’s going to be the basis for the Plan View.

Step 4:  Plan Rectangle

Ruler (B) To guide you on the 45 Degree Angle to draw the plan which should be touching the ground line. (I drew the rectangle size 6cm x 4cm however you can draw it any size you like.)

Step 5: Elevation

In the Space below your Plan draw the base of your Elevation view. The ground line should be drawn first with your rectangle above. (I drew the rectangle 4cm x 6cm.)

Step 6: M Shape Guide

Line Ruler (B) parallel to the Plan baseline. Make sure the middle of the ruler lines up with the corner of the rectangle. Once it is lined up draw around the Triangle shape. And then draw two lines either side to make an M shape.

Step 7: Guide Lines from Corner

Using ruler (A) draw a line from each corner of the Plan rectangle to the centre of the M shape.

Step 8: Guides from Plane Base Line

Where the line meets the Plan baseline, draw an additional 3 lines straight down.

Step 9: Perspective Centre Point

On this step we need to make more lines to guide how the perspective will be formed. First the rectangle Elevation lines should continue across the page. The centre of the M should continue down the page. This will make a new centre point for the Perspective. Using Ruler (C) mark the end of the M shape to the centre point.  

Step 10:  Perspective Layout

All the lines to make the perspective will be lined up from the Plan and Elevation. When everything is drawn you may want to outline the Perspective rectangle and use a rubber to take away the guidelines.

Step 11:  Now you can Add to the Views of your City

After you have your Plan, Elevation and Perspective you can personalise and add to your city views by using your organically shaped rulers.

Ibiye Camp is an Artist who uses architectural tools to explore technology in the built environment questioning the future of public space.

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