The Urban Obstacle Course

Step by step

Step 1

Find a picture on your parents’ phone or from google maps of your favourite thing in your local play area. Print it out.

Step 2

Talk about why this is your favourite object. Think about why the most direct route is often not the most fun route. Why is this? Why do we gain pleasure out of navigating obstacles, why is this good for our mental health to participate in physical play? Why do we not design cities to take advantage of this more?

Step 3

Build and decorate an obstacle based on your favourite play object. This can be an obstacle to be navigated by for yourself, a sibling, a pet, a parent or even a stranger.

Step 4

Present the object that you made, explain why and how you made it and how you think it could enhance (or disadvantage) someone’s daily life.

Step 5

Go out and place your obstacle somewhere in the city, take a photo, and send it to the POoR email address for a future social media post.

POoR Collective aims to create a world where the youth see no limits by focusing on the development of communities through the elevation of young people.

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