Draw your Own Camden

Make your own imaginary Camden, mixing up things you remember, places you’ve been with dreams and doodles…

Doors to the City

In this activity inspired by Finsbury Town Hall, take a fun and creative journey exploring closed doors…

Cultivate a Community Garden

Design a publicly accessible community garden for The Liliesleaf Trust UK’s proposed Centre of Memory and Learning.

Design a Dome for St Paul’s Cathedral

Discover what happened to the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral before designing a brand new dome for the Cathedral.

What is the “face” of your neighbourhood?

If you could give your neighbourhood a face, what would it look like?

Sonic Spaces: Design Your Own Venue

Explore sounds around you and design your own music venue!

The Desktop City

Design your own desktop city using everyday household objects and your imagination!

Open House Families audio tours

Listen to audio tours of the Barbican, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Museum of London!

Create your own Folded City with A Line Art

In this activity, print out the templates provided to create your own unique folded city!

Snapshot Viewfinder

Create a viewfinder that expresses how you see your local landscape!