It’s a small world!

Envision and then build your own world!

Build Your Own Bridge

Build your own bridge and test how much it can hold!

My Vertical Village

Think about what you would change in your local area and build your own unique vertical village

Create A Window City

Build a layered 3-D City made out of cardboard and use your windows to create a vision for your future city that passers-by can see.

Bridging AKTion

Build a bridge that can support itself with no glue or tape!

Stories of Your City

Build a home-made theatre set to perform the Stories of Your City!

Master Plaster!

Learn about static form by experimenting with Plaster of Paris!

Model-Making Tips

Some tips on how to turn your household junk into architectural treasure.

London Junk Skyline

Design and make your favourite building in London.

Around the World

Design and make your favourite international landmark.

Dream Room

Design and make a dream room for your favourite fictional character.

Home Revolution