Eat Your City!

Explore, share and design with this cookbook of a city you can eat!

Bodies of Water

Let’s learn about how we used water bodies in cities in the past and how we are currently using them, so we can imagine how we must use them in the future!

Your House as a City

Imagine you are a city planner and plan a sustainable and comfortable city!

Plan your own piece of city!

Plan your own piece of city and contribute to a collective tapestry of buildings, public squares and green spaces with our template.

Create your own city

Create your own 3D city!

Your City Your Design

Think like a designer to improve one aspect of your city to make it a place that works for everyone in the future!

Create your own…Stockport Market Hall!

Print out the template of this famous Manchester building and start creating a city at home… big kids welcome too!

Build Your Own Mobile City

Build your own balanced and sustainable cityscape!

My Vertical Village

Think about what you would change in your local area and build your own unique vertical village

Grow your own city

Let’s design the spaces that we live and play in and decide when and where nature can protect our environment and mental health!

Views of the city

Create a city drawing by playing with perspective and different viewpoints of the city.

The Urban Obstacle Course

The Secret Joy Wasting Time & Energy! Build and decorate an obstacle based on your favourite play object.