Snapshot Viewfinder

Lines, shapes and colours are all around us.
When you put them together they make our landscape.

Maybe you have been staring at the same one, through your window, for the past couple of months. Or perhaps you’ve been walking the same path, seeing the same surroundings, for years.

We’d like to invite you to look again at your landscape – find the lines, shapes and colours that make you soar, draw you in, pull you up or teeter on an edge. How do you perceive your landscape?


Use the PDF attached to create a viewfinder. Look through it to find your horizon and focus. What are you drawn to?

Capture your composition, the only way you can see it: a photo, a drawing, a collage.

Share your creations

Share your your Snapshot with #OHSnapshot2020 @openhouselondon or email

Your pictorial postcards will form a collaborative city collage, covering it from all angles – part living album, part love letter to the city – shared at the end of the festival.

created by we are here, creative studio.

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