Pyramid Stacking

Out of all the 2D shapes, the triangle is the strongest. This is because they have fixed angles. A pyramid is made up of four triangles with a square base – this makes it a very strong 3D shape! Learn how to create them through simply folding sheets of paper. Stack the faces in different ways to see what forms you can create. The more pyramids you have the bigger the chain.

Have fun with different colours and sizes of paper!

Step by step

Step 0

If you don’t have square shaped paper, start off with an A4 sheet. First mark 8.7cm on one of the long sides. Do the same on the other side. Draw a line connecting the two sides. Fold along the purple line. Using safety scissors or ask an adult to cut where you made the fold. Now you have a square piece of paper! Repeat this until you have as many as you want:

Step 1

Fold your piece of square paper in half one way and then the other way, until you can see 4 even square shapes. Then fold in half diagonally one way and then the other along the purple lines:

Step 2

From one corner fold along the purple lines, bringing the edges of the paper to the middle red line. Repeat this for all the corners:

Step 3

Fold along the purple line bringing the green corner to the red dot. Repeat this for all the corners:

Step 4

Looking at the sheet, you should see folds where the purple and red lines are. Pinch along the purple lines. While pinching pull it towards the middle. Repeat on all sides, this should make petal shapes on all sides:

Step 5

Fold along the purple lines to help you bring the corners inwards. Pinch the red sides. Repeat on all sides:

Step 6

Place glue on the red lines. Stick the red sides to the purple ones:

Step 7

Place glue on the red lines. Stick the red sides to the purple ones. Your pyramid is complete!!!

This activity was designed by Hosn Houssami, a former Accelerate student, who is currently in the final month of her MArch degree, at the CASS School of Art and Architecture at London Metropolitan University. She completed my BArch at the University for Creative Arts and worked as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant for a year before returning to her studies.

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