Plan your own piece of city!

Step by step

Step 1

Download and print out the activity sheet by clicking ‘download teacher and parents’ resource pack for this activity’ link above ‘ single-sided on A4 sheets of paper. In total, we have provided you with 6 square tiles of 19cm each. A printer is not essential for this activity, you can use our template as a guide and draw your own version of the city map! You can print as few or as many tiles as you would like.

Step 2

Bring out your pens, markers, pencils, or craft tools to create your own version of the city. Think about the type of places you would like to go to, how you can improve your city, make it greener and more pleasant to live in! Feel free to draw, or use newspaper and magazine cuttings to collage on top of the template.

Step 3

City Planners, now it’s time to cut out the tiles and put them together to see your own city come to life! Snap a picture of the final tiles and upload them here to contribute to our large tapestry of tiles.

Top tip: You can use each tile multiple times and assemble in different configurations, making your map of the city unique!

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