Open House Families audio tours

Last year, Open House Families collaborated with children from St Paul’s C of E and St John’s C of E primary schools to create and deliver family-friendly tours of St Paul’s Cathedral, Museum of London, and the Barbican. This year, Open House Families has teamed up with Homegrown Plus alumni group to record the tours so you can listen as you explore the city!

Introductory music by Recordings by Homegrown Plus Alumni group.

Map of Museum of London

Map of St Paul’s Cathedral

Map of the Barbican

This activity was produced as part of our annual Open House Families festival. Open House Families is London’s architecture festival for children. It’s a hands-on and creative experience for children to explore architecture and their city through play. Through workshops and activities hosted by artists and architects, we give families the opportunity to imagine how they can shape their built environment in fun and creative ways. You can find more events occurring as part of the festival here:

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