Make Your Own…

Step by step

Step 1

Print out the template (see PDF) or find lots of different buildings here –

Step 2

Get your best colouring pens out and colour the template as you like.

Step 3

Cut out the shapes along the solid black lines.

Step 4

Fold the shapes along the dotted lines.

Step 5

Stick along the tabs to make the building. See below for a video to help you make the Toast Rack, and find the rest on the website:

Step 6

Show us your work by by tagging Kelsall Architects on social media and using the hashtags  #CovidCreative #KAatHome!

We believe that people are the key ingredient to making great places to live, work and play; this is why we put them at the centre of everything we design. Design for people, by people.

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