Local Food Map

Step by step

Step 1 : GO FOR A WALK

Go for a walk in your area, somewhere you can find food shops. What kind of food shops are there in your area? Pay attention to local food shops, corner shops, fruit and veg shops, food markets. 

*Try to avoid big supermarkets.*


Bring a pen and paper, or a camera with you. What kinds of foods do they sell at these shops/markets? Observe spices, fruit, vegetables, pulses, sauces, condiments and so on. Notice ones which you might not have seen before. Write down their names, or take pictures of them. Remember what they look like. If you don’t know the names of any of them, speak to the shop assistant!

Optional: buy some of the dry ingredients which you can later use to add to your map

Step 3 : MAP IT OUT

After going back home, draw a map of your area out in pencil then fill in the map with pictures of some of the ingredients that you observed on your walk! You can draw the ingredients, write the names of the ingredients, collage magazines or coloured papers as the ingredients or even directly stick the ingredients on to paper!


Either through asking people around your area, or through researching on the internet you can ask the following questions:

  • Where do these ingredients come from?
  • Are they grown locally in Britain? If yes, where are they grown, if not, where do they come from? 
  • What are the different cuisines they are used in? 
  • Are there from different cultures?
  • How do all these different cultures and cuisines influence the area you live in?

Migrant’s Bureau is a multidisciplinary social design & urbanism practice surrounding disenfranchised & migrant communities. https://www.instagram.com/migrantsbureau/ 

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