Design Together!

Step by step

Step 1

Find a friend that you want to design with! Today, we’ll be designing a community TOGETHER!

Step 2

As a pair, decide what buildings will go in your new town. A school, a home, a toy factory, a fire station…….. Whatever you want! Try to agree between you a maximum of 4 different buildings that you’ll be designing together.

Step 3

Take a sheet of paper, divide it into 4 spaces, and on each corner, write down the names of the buildings you’ll be designing. In the middle draw a park area with green pencils! This is your new TOWN.

Step 4

Take the other 4 sheets of paper, and fold them in two equal portions. This will be where you design!

Step 5

In turn, and WITHOUT showing your design partner, draw the bottom of each of your 4 buildings on each sheet.

Step 6

Then turn the page over so your design partner can draw the top of the buildings WITHOUT looking at the bottom design!

Step 7

Then….. unfold each of the 4 designs! These are your 4 new buildings! Do you like them? What would you change?

Step 8

Finally, place each of the 4 designs on the corners of your TOWN sheet, and using a pen or pencil, draw paths to cycle and walk along connecting each of the buildings! WELL DONE on designing an amazing new town!

Office Sian Architecture + Design: Office Sian is an award-winning Architecture and Design studio working on new homes and community buildings.

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