Design Idea Dice!

Step by step

Step 1

Cut out the net from the activity sheet. You may need an adult to help you do this. 

Step 2

Once you have cut the outline, score the tabs.

Step 3

Take your cutout with you on a walk around your local neighbourhood and use your senses to explore the area. When designing a place, it is important to think about the place and people you are designing for. This is called research.

Step 4

Whilst on your walk, it is your job to fill in the blank squares of the net by doing the following tasks. On each square, do the task related to the title below:

  • TEXTURE: Take a rubbing of a texture you can find in your surroundings. You do this by holding the square of paper over the texture, and rubbing a crayon over this square. This could be a path, a brick wall, or some stone steps.
  • DRAWING: Pick your favourite building and draw the outline of the building. 
  • COLOUR: Have a look at what colours you can see in your area, and colour them on this square. 
  • NATURE: Explore nature in the local surroundings. Pick some flowers or leaves and stick them to your square with sellotape. (Make sure you have permission to pick these things).
  • SOUND: Stop and listen for a minute. Listen to what sounds are around you, can you hear cars, or birds, or people? Imagine what this sound looks like. Now draw this on this square. 
  • WORDS: Write 3 words about what is important to this place. For example, ‘Community’, ‘Nature’ or ‘Play’.

Step 5

Now that all the squares are filled, use a glue stick to build your net, and make it into a Cube. You may need an adult to help you as this could be fiddly.

Step 6

Now you have your Design Ideas Dice, which will help spark ideas!

Step 7

Roll your ideas dice 3 times. (If you get the same result, roll again). For example, you might roll, NATURE, TEXTURE and COLOUR.

Step 8

Take a new blank piece of paper and get designing!

Step 9

Using the three squares that you rolled to guide your design, your task now is to design a new building/space for the area you have just explored. The space could be anything: it could be a new playground, a home, or a birdhouse.

Step 10

Take a photo of your creation, and upload it to the website.

To extend the learning experience…

  • Use card, toilet roll tubes and any junk packaging, to make a 3D model of the building/ space you have designed.
  • Explore a range of environments to create a range of outcomes. Discuss the differences between the outcomes that you would expect in places i.e. a small village and a big city, or a beach and the countryside.
  • The final design doesn’t have to be just an architectural outcome – Use the dice to help you design or create a range of products e.g. a garment, a bag, a piece of furniture or anything that you fancy redesigning!

This workshop is designed in collaboration by Ingenious Youth, a studio that encourages children and young people to explore their creativity through a range of design-led challenges and workshops, and Conor Keappock, a Part II architectural assistant based in London.

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