Design a Dome for St Paul’s Cathedral

Discover what happened to the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral and how it nearly collapsed in the 1920s before designing a brand new dome for the Cathedral. What will you include to make it fun, magical, and welcoming?

Step by step

Step 1

Read the story

by clicking below to discover what happened to the Dome of St Paul’s Cathedral and how it nearly collapsed in the 1920’s. Find out how they fixed it for future generations! 

Step 2

Design a Dome

If you were the architect and you were tasked with designing a brand new dome for St Paul’s Cathedral and the community of London, what would you include to make it extra fun, magical and welcoming? Use your imagination to create a dome, perhaps with a water slide! Or a roller – coaster! Maybe the dome is decorated with stars or is capable of doing something extraordinary. The more unique and out of this world the better! Take a few minutes to come up with your idea. 

Step 3

Go on a hunt

around your home and find material you could use to decorate your dome and make it pop off the page! Mervyn McCartney had to think of the best materials to fix the dome; what materials will you use to create your dome? Will they be soft or crunchy? Colourful or shiny? Smooth or bumpy? Collect your materials. 

Step 4

Get started

Use your 4 toilet roll holders to become the pillars of St Paul’s Cathedral. Glue these in a line on the bottom on your paper. 

Step 5

Start sketching

Roughly sketch a dome on top (use a plate or get an adult to help you create the shape or try making the shape of a dome above your head like this to get an idea of the shape)

Step 6

Design and decorate

Once you have your outline, design and decorate your fantastic dome and make your idea a reality! Make it as 3D as possible so it is textured and pops off the page! We made a strawberry ice-cream dome! 

Step 7

Take a photo

of your creation and, with an adult, upload it to Twitter tagging @stpaulsedu and @OpenHouseFamilies for us to see what you came up with and share your creative designs. Have fun! We look forward to seeing your designs. Feel free to share using the buttom below too!

We hope you will be able to come and visit us soon and explore the dome for yourself. Go to our website to find more family activities to do at home or to find out more about how to visit us. 

This activity was produced as part of our annual Open House Families festival. Open House Families is London’s architecture festival for children. It’s a hands-on and creative experience for children to explore architecture and their city through play. Through workshops and activities hosted by artists and architects, we give families the opportunity to imagine how they can shape their built environment in fun and creative ways. You can find more events occurring as part of the festival here:

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