Cultivate a Community Garden


The task is to design a publicly accessible community garden for The Liliesleaf Trust UK’s proposed Centre of Memory and Learning. The Centre and its garden will be at 28 Penton Street, Islington, the former London headquarters of the African National Congress. There, local communities will engage with its rich anti-racist and activist heritage focused on equality, freedom and inclusion. We are looking for ideas that reflect these values and to inspire us to continue to work together to make fairer futures for all.

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What can be in the garden?

Choose what you would like to see in the garden space. This could include trees and plants (like these Southern African inspired examples), seating, swings, bird houses, display stands to show artwork, library boxes, a herb garden, or anything else you would like to find in your local community garden.
Below you can see some ideas, including a few that are made using recycled materials, commonly found in South African community spaces.

Step 1

Option A

Print or draw the plan (see PDF ‘garden space plan’ below) and create a 2-dimensional drawing or collage of your proposed garden design. You might want to add 3D models onto the space to create seating or other items you’d like to see in the garden. Watch the video below for help:

Option B step 1

Print out the templates (see PDFs elevations and garden space plan below) OR  follow the dimensions and draw the shapes on paper to form the garden enclosure and make a 3-dimensional model.

Step 2

Print out the templates (see PDFs elevations and garden space plan above) OR  follow the dimensions and draw the shapes on paper to form the garden enclosure and make a 3-dimensional model.

Step 3

Try putting together each side without gluing them. Once done, put them to one side and move on to making the base.

Step 4

Find a piece of cardboard.

Step 5

Stick on the plan, to have a firm base for your garden.

Step 6

Use rice, grains or any seeds, to create the landscaping and pathways.

Step 7

Use clay, plasticine, blu-tack or playdough to make pots for your trees so they can stand.

Step 8

Line up as many trees as you can.

Step 9

Glue the pots to your garden, wherever you like.

Step 10

Finish your garden with colourful plants and seating.

Step 11

Glue the shapes to the sides.

Final step

Photograph and upload your design. Scroll down to share what you’ve made for everyone to see and admire!

Al-Jawad Pike
Al-Jawad Pike is an award-winning London-based architectural studio founded in 2014. The studio has a strong design focus, and is recognised for the quality of its built work. Our design philosophy is informed by history and context, and characterised by a sensitivity to materials and the way they are brought together in construction. Our design process is both meticulous and exploratory, underpinned by research, technical expertise and collaboration. Our portfolio covers a diverse range of project types including private residential, council-led social housing schemes, cultural and regeneration projects, luxury retail and fashion store design, as well as ‘pop-up’ and temporary installations.

Diversity is deeply rooted within our studio DNA. Our practice name illustrates Britain’s multicultural make-up, while our six-person studio team consists of five nationalities including, British, Iraqi, Turkish, Iranian and Italian. Bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and giving each person the opportunity to contribute their skills and experience is what enriches our architectural process and quality of output. The directors are passionate teachers, actively involved in architectural education and developing the very best people at all levels. Their aim is to continue building an organisation where people feel involved, respected and connected to the practice’s future success. Al-Jawad Pike is an RIBA Chartered Practice.

The Liliesleaf Trust UK

The Liliesleaf Trust UK (LTU) is a charitable incorporated organisation (charity commission registry number 1180953), that aims to increase awareness about and understanding of the international contributions (particularly those of South Africans exiled to the UK, the ANC and the British Anti-Apartheid Movement) to the South African liberation struggle against the apartheid regime pre 1994 and to encourage active engagement with and discourse around its narratives and legacies in their entirety. The trust aims to preserve, and where possible make accessible physical UK heritage that relates to the South African liberation struggle.

The Liliesleaf Trust UK is redeveloping 28 Penton Street in Islington, former London HQ of the African National Congress (ANC) in exile, as a Centre of Memory and Learning (CML). At its core, the CML will be an inclusive and accessible space that seeks to scaffold and support active and responsible global citizens. Built on the legacy of one of the 20th Century’s most important global social histories, and a first for the UK, the CML will house exhibition spaces, an archive, meeting spaces and a community learning garden and offer programming rooted in fostering social integration, equality and collaboration

This is a project that was produced in partnership with Islington Council. With their support, the Open House Families team commissioned creatives to produce activities for families to enjoy from home, which all take their inspiration from Islington’s unique architectural characteristics.You can find more events occurring as part of the Open House Families festival here:

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