Create your own Folded City with A Line Art

In this activity, discover famous landmarks of London by printing out the templates, decorating them, and organising them around the River Thames! If you’re feeling inspired, why not even draw your own favourite local landmark?

All the templates are accessible by clicking on the ‘download this activity as a PDF’ link above right.

Artist Anna Bruder and Poet Arji Manuelpillai first met at a young people’s community production at the Young Vic Theatre in 2010. In 2012 they started an interactive theatre and art company called A Line Art which specialises in immersive theatre performances and art events for children, young people and their families.

If you enjoyed this activity why not check Anna and Arji’s Broom Cupboard series:

This activity will be available to collect in activity packs filled with things to get your creative juices flowing over Open House Families weekend 19/20 September at the Museum of London and the Brunel Museum. You can check out the rest of our programme here:

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