Animal Spaces

Architecture usually involves designing spaces not used by yourself. Often, we need to imagine how other people (and animals) will interact with our buildings, and how it impacts them. For this exercise, we will design then build a structure that can help an animal in some way. 


Step 1

Choose an animal that is not usually seen indoors.
This can be ones you are familiar with, or know nothing about.

Step 2

Draw your animal to know them a little better.
What are some interesting facts about this animal that makes them unique? What size is the animal compared to you? Draw yourself next to them.

Step 3

What kind of environments do they usually live in? What kind of activities do they do? Do they live in big families or on their own? What do they need? Draw the environment they live in. This might give you clues on what kind of structure you can design. 

Step 4

What can you design to help your animal? Do they need protection from predators? Somewhere to keep them from the weather? How big should your structure be? How would the animals use your design? Start drawing your ideas down.

Step 5

Use your materials to build the designs. Make a cut-out of your animal so you can test it out, and see which ones work the best!

Step 6

Take a photo of the spaces you’ve created with the animal cut-out to show us how it works.

Step 7

Don’t stop there! Can you make a collection to form a village? Who are the new neighbours? If they are different animals, would they use the same spaces, or would they need something different?

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