It’s a small world!

Envision and then build your own world!

Build a Fort Sanctuary

Think about what you need from a sanctuary and build one at home! 

Eat Your City!

Explore, share and design with this cookbook of a city you can eat!

Bodies of Water

Let’s learn about how we used water bodies in cities in the past and how we are currently using them, so we can imagine how we must use them in the future!

Challenging the Medical Hero

Make your own game of Medical Heroes top-trumps!

Let’s Build your Circular City

Learn all about circular cities…then build your own!

Animal Eyes: Re-design Canary Wharf

Put on your animal eyes and design an invention to increase animal biodiversity in Canary Wharf.

Build Your Own Bridge

Build your own bridge and test how much it can hold!

Your House as a City

Imagine you are a city planner and plan a sustainable and comfortable city!

Plan your own piece of city!

Plan your own piece of city and contribute to a collective tapestry of buildings, public squares and green spaces with our template.

Draw your Own Camden

Make your own imaginary Camden, mixing up things you remember, places you’ve been with dreams and doodles…

Doors to the City

In this activity inspired by Finsbury Town Hall, take a fun and creative journey exploring closed doors…