What is Learning from Architecture?

This pioneering learning platform, designed in collaboration with Open City and Celebrating Architecture, provides creative learning activities exploring design, architecture, and engineering for young people, teachers, and families during the Covid-19 lockdown and beyond. Learning from Architecture aims to support learners from all backgrounds and introduce them to the world of architecture, with a special programme of high-quality, online learning activities exploring art, design and technology, mathematical, structural, and sustainability principles (these are sometimes called STEAM learning objectives).
Our website hosts a wide range of regularly-updated architectural activities for young people of all ages, which are created by experienced design educators, architects, designers, engineers, and teachers. Parents and teachers can download and share activities and observe a constantly updated showcase of design work produced by London’s young people during lockdown and beyond.

Why are we doing this?

Both Open City and Celebrating Architecture are passionate about educating young people of all ages and backgrounds to have more of a say on how they can redesign their own communities – to change the way they live, work and play – in order to create a more socially inclusive, representational, and diverse city for all.
We believe it is time for a paradigm shift in who gets to design the cities of the future, so championing diversity and equality as well as tackling discrimination are the key pillars of our work, motivating our programmes and driving us forward to achieve the most diverse cohort of future architects, designers, and engineers. After all, our cities will only ever be truly open and reflective of the communities who inhabit them if they are designed by built environment professionals from diverse backgrounds.

We are thrilled to be working with Migrant’s Bureau as special guest curators of the activities on this site. The Migrant’s Bureau team will be working with Open City and Celebrating Architecture to develop, commission and promote activities from a wide variety of contributors.

Migrant’s Bureau is an interdisciplinary social design & urbanism practice facilitating design interventions, research, podcasts and community workshops for both trans-local and global disenfranchised & migrant communities. 

Migrants Bureau